TrustPort Tools 2013 for Windows 10


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TrustPort Tools is powerful software for the protection of user data. It is an ideal solution for companies or individuals. It is characterized by clear interface, speed of action, and incredible efficiency while protecting your data. During the installation of the application, the user can select and install additional modules that will provide greater security and extend the functionality of the software. TrustPort Tools is made up of modules that allow encryption of data both online and without access to the Internet. In addition, let you store files securely in the cloud. This way, they will also sync between your computer and other mobile devices. In this way, you get access to our protected content at any time and place. TrustPort software has a function Skytale by which we can securely send messages to other people. It also offers the opportunity to thoroughly clean your computer of sensitive information. This will remove the story opened applications and documents, and to cleanse temporary directory basket system, and other information created during web browsing. TrustPort Tools also has a built-CAR manager to create and modify the archive files. In addition, is equipped with an additional tool to encrypt drives where you can safely store your files and folders, as well as be freely modified (modifying the database files, add new files or delete old data). Access to the created disk image get when you sign up to it and enter the appropriate password security. TrustPort Tools program is available as a trial, and we can use it for 30 days.